Scholarship applications for the 2023 Fall Semester are now being accepted until May 15, 2023!

“Velkommen til Upper Midwest Rebild Scholarship!

“Welcome to Upper Midwest Rebild Scholarship!”

Upper Midwest Rebild Scholarship (UMRSC) encourages American college students to study, learn, and experience Denmark, one of the happiest countries! We offer scholarships for students who choose to immerse themselves in Danish culture and customs, and think about their careers from a global perspective based on the Danish values of cooperation and friendship for the mutual benefit of all.

“My stay in Denmark no doubt made me a more astute scholar.” – Rebild Scholar

The inspiration for UMRSC comes from the Rebild National Park. In 1912, a group of Danish Americans purchased a 200 acre heather-covered land in Rebild, Denmark, in order to have a place to annually celebrate July 4th with their Danish families and fellow immigrants. This property was subsequently donated to Denmark, and became Denmark’s first national park. Today, the Rebild National Park continues to attract tens of thousands of visitors on July 4th for festivities that culturally unite our two countries with each other.

In recognition of this friendship, UMRSC offers scholarships of $1,000 – $3,000 for qualified college students – we hope you apply today!

Upper Midwest Rebild Scholarship Corporation is an IRS recognized 501c3 charitable organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, serving the entire United States.